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Sunday, 21 January 12:00pm


Wiltshire Police gives Street Pastors Swindon a 'letter of commendation'

Swindon's flip-flop angels have been given an official letter of commendation from Wiltshire Police.  Delivered at April's Consultation Day for Church Leaders by Sgt Paul Saunders, it praises the work Street Pastors do in the night-time economy of Swindon to make the streets a safer and better place to be.
The letter, written by Supt Kier Pritchard, praises
the town's 'dedicated Street Pastor Team' and
states that the 'partnership the Street Pastors
have with the Wiltshire Police is a very successful
one, which is becoming stronger, but not to the
detriment of their impartiality and their
The letter ends by praising the 'drive,
determination and passion' that Street Pastors
show in their work and states that 'Street
Pastors are most welcomed by the Police and
are seen as an asset by all organisations that
work within the night time economy of
Street Pastors Swindon has 'become an
integral, important and much valued part of
the workings of the Town Centre and our
vibrant night-time economy.'

Read the whole letter here

Supt Kier Pritchard