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Sunday, 21 January 12:00pm


Join Street Pastors Swindon

A Street Pastor is someone from the local Christian community who is willing to listen and help, and who is willing to engage with people where they are, both in terms of their thinking and in terms of where they hang out - on the streets.
Street Pastors work in teams patrolling the streets in the vicinity of pubs and clubs.  Volunteers are expected to offer a minimum of one night per month, though many offer more.

Who can be a Street Pastor?

Street Pastors come from across the Christian community without regard to denomination or churchmanship.   A volunteer can be any Christian woman or man who:
The cost of training, uniform, insurance and administration for a new Street Pastor is about £250.  Volunteers and/or their sending churches are expected to raise this amount.

Prayer Pastors

As with all Christian activity, Street Pastors is spiritually fuelled by prayer.  Many people pray regularly for Street Pastors in Swindon, some at home before they go to sleep at weekends and some throughout the night at our base while we are patrolling.  Both are essential.   If you could be part of the team in this way, download the pdf leaflet on the left and get in touch.